Empowering and investing in the stuttering community.

Your Donation Makes A Difference


  • CARE. New stuttering programs focused on prevention, early intervention and treatment for deserving children ages 2-17.
  • COORDINATION. Comprehensive assessment by a health professional trained to evaluate and treat a child identified with a fluency disorder.
  • COMPASSION. 1:1 welcome and introduction for the child and parent/caregiver as they start their new journey with speech therapy.
  • ACCESS. One full year of 45-60-minute speech therapy sessions with an SLP who specializes in stuttering.
  • RESEARCH. Develop research paradigms that provide evidence-based best practices in the evaluation and treatment of stuttering, to be shared across the healthcare spectrum.
  • EMPOWERMENT. A child will gain comfort and confidence through improved self-image, social interactions, and academic performance.
  • EDUCATION. Provide educational curriculum and training programs focused on stuttering.
  • OUTREACH. Produce events and develop initiatives that make a positive impact on the lives of those who stutter.


Thank you for your support!